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SoulCollage(R) Introductory Series

This series of introductory workshops covers all aspects of making and reading SoulCollage(R) cards. It gives you an opportunity to start and build your own deck.

SoulCollage(R) is an intuitive process created by Seena Frost. Using simple materials--magazine images, glue and matte board--you create a deck of collaged cards that is all about you and your life. You can use it as a tool to get in touch with your vast inner wisdom.

We will start each session with a brief overview, and then concentrate on one of the four SoulCollage(R) suits. We will create cards and learn a simple reading technique.  This series is suitable for beginners, and for those who have wanted a curated space to dive deeper into one of the suits.

The soul speaks through images.--Carl Jung

SESSION 1 -- We start with the Committee suit. These cards are the aspects of yourself, the roles you play, your personas, emotions and inner voices. Some are hard, some are easy. Who sits at the big conference table in your mind?

SESSION 2 -- Community Suit. This is a suit in which you deliberately make cards to honor the people who are most important to you. Is there someone you'd like to honor? A beloved friend, partner, ancestor, relative, pet? An inspirational historic figure? All fall into this suit. Bring color copies of photos of them to include in your cards, if you have them.

SESSION 3 -- Companion Suit. The most shamanic! Journey into your chakras to find an animal companion or two to help you express your energy. They may be familiar or totally new to you.

SESSION 4 -- Council Suit. The most mysterious of the suits hold the forces that work through you. When you feel an archtypical energy choosing you, here's where it goes. We'll also briefly discuss the Transpersonal Cards, which help to hold the energy of your entire deck.

Offered through the Web of Life Church in Tucson. Coming soon!

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