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Artist's Statement

I'm interested in good story. No matter the medium, whether it is painting, photography, acting a song or writing a novel, I am looking for the story that will change a life. Maybe mine, maybe yours....It's all about transformation, and the energy that is released by changing form.


As a visual artist, first as a filmmaker and photographer, I became fascinated by the metaphysics of light. I worked for years in black and white infrared film, because it revealed the unseen layer of heat in reality, the secret life of plants in photosynthesis, for example. I had some talent for painting, but until I discovered Intentional Creativity™, didn't understand how it could be a container for my whole philosophy.


I paint in the style of Contemporary Symbolism, using intentional creativity to transform my local story into something of great beauty. The Color of Woman School is influenced by neurobiology, quantum physics, reclaiming the sacred feminine and the New Age, and brings everything to the canvas for exploration and shift.


It is a multilayered approach with several underpaintings. It is not unusual to have several inquiries or canvases going at once, and I find they are ever evolving. I just get to a good stopping point with one, and let it go.


I was taught by artist Shiloh Sophia McCloud Lewis, who in turn was influenced by her mentor, Sue Hoya Sellars, and by her mentor before her, WPA artist Leonore Thomas Straus...and I am influenced by every bit of art I observe, but am fond of the Expressionists, Impressionists and Surrealists. In 2015, I became a certified Color of Woman™ Teacher, and Intentional Creativity™ Coach, to pass on this transformative knowledge.


I explore alternative realities, personas, cosmic connections and the intersection of art, science and religion. My art is holistic, informed by the ideas in the air, by metaphysics, by jazz music, by my love of literature, by my conviction that we are here to make the world a better place through creative expression. 


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