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Cosmic SmashBooking(R)

The Art Journal on Steroids.

The Purest form of Intentional Creativity.

Transformation in the palm of your hand.

A Cosmic Smash Book is more than an Art Journal. In some ways it's the purest form of Intentional Creativity. We infuse the creation of our book with intention and then utilize it to capture and transform our emotions, thoughts and obstacles.

For this series of workshops, we'll be using an Animist, Earth-based perspective. Let's envision our new post-pandemic future and make a magical book to do so.

We will use simple materials (paint, paper, collaged images, ribbon, essential oils) to transform a composition book into a multisensory receptacle for dreams, visions, magic, and shamanic journey notes. No artistic experience is required; on the other hand, we are all artistic!

This three-session cornucopia of creativity is hosted by Valerie Kravette. Valerie is a Web of Life minister, and in this session of the Pastoral Counseling Training. She is an artist and an Intentional Creativity(TM) Teacher, SoulCollage(R) facilitator, creativity coach, and Cosmic Smash Book(TM) teacher, under the direction of Cosmic Smash Book founder, Catt Geller.

This three-part workshop is offered for $30-$75 (10-25 for each session), depending on income.

Session 1: Two hours, creating the book with a specific intention

Session 2: One hour, making a grounding page with a vision for initiation
JULY 17, 3:00

Session 3: One hour, how to make a resting page, and ideas for creating a smashing practice.
JULY 24, 3:00

We'll be meeting online.


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